Technical facilities and equipment

Theatre spaces

Every year we transform empty rooms and halls into stunning and innovative performance spaces – and after the Festival we transform them back again. Our performance spaces are equipped to some of the highest standards found on the Fringe. With exceptions such as permanent theatres like C –1 and found spaces, most of our performance spaces are full black box theatres and studios with raked seating and flat floor, black dancefloor stages.


Most spaces are equipped with a comprehensive permanent general lighting cover, controlled from a computer lighting desk. Smaller spaces may be equipped with manual lighting desks. The general cover provides warm and cool washes as well as keylight positions. The permanent lighting equipment can be added to by advance arrangement to include your special requirements, charged at cost. Entrances to our theatre spaces are designed to prevent light from entering the auditorium when cast members or latecomers enter, and emergency lighting, while conforming to the required standards, is designed to minimise any glare cast onto the stage or auditorium.


Most spaces are equipped with full theatre sound systems, including CD player, microphone and stand, mixer, amplifier and speakers, and connections for one piece of your playback equipment, such as an iPod or laptop. The permanent sound systems can be added to by advance arrangement to include your special requirements such as minidisc players, additional CD players, playback connections or microphones, charged at cost.

Sets, props costumes and special effects

As our theatre spaces have open stages and as quick changeovers are the norm, most companies find that complicated sets are not required. All sets, props and costumes used in your production, and any special effects, are subject to approval from the licensing authority. To this end, we will discuss your set, props, costumes and special effects with you before your arrival.

Storage space

Storage space is available in dressing rooms and cupboards for costumes and boxes of small props. Limited storage space for larger items is also available by arrangement.

Dressing rooms

Dressing rooms are equipped with mirrors, lights, costume rails, chairs and tables. Space is limited, and dressing rooms are shared between companies. Where possible, rooms are locked and companies can be issued with keys. Not all dressing rooms are purpose-built.

Technical and dress rehearsals

All companies performing at our venues in week 0 and arriving in sufficient time are offered a four-hour technical rehearsal slot prior to the beginning of their run. We also offer these companies the benefit of a dress rehearsal day prior to the venue opening to the public, when all shows run to their allotted time. Many companies find this good practice for the rigours of getting-in, running and getting-out to time. Companies starting their runs during the Festival are offered a four-hour rehearsal slot where possible. Additional technical rehearsal time may be possible by arrangement.

Found spaces

Some found spaces are offered without lighting and sound facilities, and some are offered with basic facilities only. We can provide additional equipment by arrangement.

Please note...

Due to the temporary nature of our venues and the number of shows involved in the Fringe, space for changing and storage of costumes, sets and props is limited. We will try to accommodate your requirements, but complex sets, props and costumes may involve changing/storage areas some distance from theatre spaces. In extreme cases it may be necessary for you to arrive in costume or to remove items between performances.

The design and equipment of our theatres and performance spaces is subject to licensing approval and other external constraints, and we reserve the right to make alterations to the plans and descriptions given and to refine our designs as necessary.