Digital online curated arts programme

Our award-winning international digital programme offers participants the chance to be part of a curated online programme, and to participate in fringes, arts festivals and arts markets around the world virtually, without needing to travel.

Our digital online offering to audiences and viewers includes live-streamed and on-demand performance, film and video, visual arts, talks and discussions, workshops and events, from around the world, year-round.

Winner of the Infallibles Award for Best Venue, Edinburgh Fringe 2021. The judges ‘admired its scope, its roster, its easy to use online platform.’
Winner of the LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Award for Digital Arts Programme of the Year, 2022-23.

Festivals and Fringes

Shows in our digital programme are planned to take part in the following festivals, fringes and arts markets in the coming year:
New Zealand Fringe | Pōneke/Wellington | February-March
Dunedin Fringe | New Zealand | March
Brighton Fringe | England | May-June
Wandsworth Arts Fringe | London | England | June
Greater Manchester Fringe | England | July
Edinburgh Fringe | Scotland | August
Sydney Fringe | Australia | September
Melbourne Fringe | Australia | October
Yokohama Performing Arts Meeting | Japan | December

Theatre | Dance | Circus | Cabaret | Musicals | Opera

We are seeking applications from work of any length to be performed live-stream or recorded work, including live streamed performance, recorded-as-live (with or without audience), and work specifically made for digital, whether created in a performance spaces, in studios, or on location.

Comedy | Improv | Sketch shows | Standup | Spoken word | Podcasts | Radio plays

We are seeking live-stream and recorded video and audio performances, whether comedy, improv, sketches, standup – or spoken word, performance poetry or radio plays.


We are interested in receiving submissions for live-streamed and recorded performances, music videos and audio tracks, whether an album or a single song.

Film and video

Our award-winning curated film programme is one of the original Fringe events showcasing screen shorts and full-length digital film and video pieces. Our film programme welcomes drama, comedy, documentary work and more.

Visual and performance art

We're taking our visual and performance art programme online with virtual exhibitions and digital performance art.

Interdisciplinary | Interactive | Immersive | Augmented reality

The Fringe has always been a place to break down boundaries and C is known for its interdisciplinary, interactive and immersive programming. We are looking to continue this into the digital sphere and are also interested in artists working with sound, multidimensionality and augmented reality.

Events | Meetings | Seminars | Lectures | Workshops | Arts industry

Our platform events programme is one of the things that sets C apart, whether showcases of new work and new ideas, debate and discussion, discovery events for arts industry professionals, educational workshops, free taster shows, cabaret compilations or club nights. We're bringing this unique festival spirit online with our digital events programme, and we are especially interested in interactive events and events which run alongside shows in our programme.

Work for children and families

Running across all genres we highlight the best of our programme for children and families, whether children's theatre, cartoons and animation, family live Fringe favourites, Shakespearian shenanigans, improv, music, magic and more.


As well as live-streamed performance, recorded-as-live (with or without audience), and work recorded and edited for digital showings, we are looking for interactive live-streamed work with audience participation, whether by text chat, audio or video. We can accommodate meetings, discussions and question and answer sessions before or after live-stream or key performances. Recorded work can be viewed as on demand as either audio or video.


You benefit from being in one of the most established curated programmes at the Fringe. We provide a full package of support and advice with marketing, media, arts industry, and with making your work and recording and streaming. We can also assist with onward development and showing of your work.

Our standard package for inclusion in our digital season features a low platform fee (dependent on the scale and type of the event), combined with a revenue share from audience payments. Our ticketing service, included within our fees, features a number of options to encourage repeat patron attendance, including ticket packages, festival passes and subscriptions, and can also support pay what you think events, donations and merchandise. Where a performing company chooses to participate in one or more external festivals through our programme (such as the Edinburgh Fringe), standard festival registration/entry fees apply in addition to our venue fees.

Live-stream and hybrid events

We recommend that companies with live-stream events consider also making a recording available for on-demand viewing, either a previous recording or a recording of the streaming, though we recognise this may not be suitable for all events.

You can live-stream your event to us from any location worldwide. If you are performing live-stream in your local area, you can benefit from your live events being part of our programme, and we can sell tickets for local in-person attendance through our website.

C venues at the Edinburgh Fringe in August

Our original and atmospheric venues at the Edinburgh Fringe include our Royal Mile historic Fringe venues, C aquila at the Roman Eagle Lodge on Johnston Terrace and C cubed in the Celtic Lodge on the Lawnmarket. Our venue C south at St Peter's, Lutton Place offers facilities for aerial performance, fully accessible performance spaces and dressing rooms, and site-specific, found and outdoor performance spaces.

Support with press, marketing, arts industry and development

We offer all companies and artists access to advice on their press and marketing campaigns, arts industry outreach and professional and company development. Our standard package of support and advice is provided at no additional cost for shows participating in our programme. Further bespoke specialist support can be provided by arrangement.

C arts community

Companies and artists participating in our programme, and alumni companies and artists are able to access our online international community of creative companies, artists, support team, and others interested in our work: a virtual green room in which to make connections, renew friendships, plan projects, and discuss creative work and the arts.

To take part

For more information, see our performers’ application and downloads page to download information or apply online here (please select digital options and ignore questions relating to physical venues and spaces).