Staffing, Box Office and Front-of-House

Before the Festival

Our programming, administration and client services, press and marketing and production teams will be in regular contact with you in the months before your arrival in Edinburgh. We seek to make your appearance at the Fringe as smooth and as successful as possible.

During the Festival

During opening hours a duty manager, box office and front of house staff will be present at your venue, and a duty technician will be provided for your performance space. All venues have a box office and most have a café or bar. Our press and marketing team and our client services department are based centrally but work across all our venues. Our team are happy to help and advise you on anything from local information to marketing or technical matters.

Show running crew

Most companies prefer to provide their own stage managers or technicians to operate their show. You’ll need to provide sufficient personnel to complete your get-ins and get-outs each day safely and to schedule. Our duty technician will be on hand for your get-in and get-out to ensure that everything is running smoothly and will be on call during your performance. In order to keep theatre hire costs down, we do ask that you provide one member of company staff to be available to assist our team with ticket-tearing and stewarding. If you prefer, we can provide technicians to run your show or stewards at an additional cost.

Box office

Our computerised box office makes the printing and sale of tickets quick and simple and enables performing companies to access sales reports online.

We offer online programme information and telephone booking from June, when the Fringe Programme is launched and Fringe tickets go on sale. During the Festival our venue box offices are open daily for ticket sales and information, from first thing in the morning until after the start of the last show. Tickets for all of our shows are sold from all of our box offices.

Tickets for shows at our venues are also available for sale at the Fringe box office on the High Street and retail outlets around Edinburgh, by telephone and from the Fringe website Tickets are also on sale at other cross-selling Fringe venues around Edinburgh.


Our venue box offices are ideal location points for the display and sale of your merchandise. A commission is charged on merchandise sold.