Pay what you think at C venues

At selected venues, we offer audiences and performers pay what you think: a new initiative to support artists and audiences alike. Participants wanting to be part of the world’s greatest arts festival can perform in the heart of Edinburgh without breaking the bank.

Buy tickets in advance to guarantee admission - or pay what you think at the performance

Patrons wishing to secure admission are able to buy tickets in advance. However, unticketed entry is possible if space is available. Audiences who have not bought a ticket are invited to give an appropriate donation at the end of the performance.

Our hire fee for the performance space is a small fixed fee paid in advance, plus a percentage of ticket sales and audience donations. The standard Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society programme registration fee applies.


Basic stage lighting and stage sound systems. Spaces are open to the public, who may come and go during the performance, and there may be some background noise from around the venue. Please note that due to the temporary nature of the venue, space for changing and storage of costumes, sets and props is limited. If your technical needs are more complex or you need quiet or a blackout for your show, you may wish to consider one of our studio theatre performance spaces.

To take part

Go to our performers’ downloads page to get a copy of the application form, or apply online here (please select the pay what you think performance space).