Please note that information on this page applies to both our in-person programme in Edinburgh and our digital programme.

Press and marketing

Selling your show

The Fringe is a highly competitive environment – in order to get an audience you will need to plan and implement a press and marketing campaign. A basic campaign includes your entry in the Fringe Programme, press releases and photos, a website or web page, the design, production and distribution of posters and flyers, and a social media plan. A more comprehensive campaign can include paid advertising in the Fringe Programme and other publications and online, paid on-street advertising, a paid PR agent, the use of print distribution companies, participation in on-street and showcase performances, and the development of targeted promotional ideas and marketing initiatives. We recommend that you should either make one member of your company responsible for press and marketing, who has time enough available to put in. You may wish to consider engaging the services of a professional PR agent or a PR and marketing company. We will do all we can to help, but you must be responsible for your own legwork.

Our input

At C we view our involvement in and assistance with visiting companies’ press and marketing as one of our main priorities. We are always on the lookout for ways in which we can interest the press in the productions we host. In addition to freely available advice, information and assistance with planning and monitoring your press and marketing campaign, we offer all companies performing with C inclusion in the following as standard:

C ARTS website

Our Festival website contains information on all our shows, access to online booking, and links to, the official Fringe website, and to performing companies and show sites.

Press work

In the months before the festival, we work with all our visiting companies' press representatives to prepare a C season press pack. During the Festival we hold press events and maintain open house to the press, supplying them with show information on request. We liaise with the Fringe press office. We look out for members of the press who might be interested in your work and for stories or photo-opportunities which may develop during your run. We highlight positive reviews and review quotes.


We seek to arrange access to discounted or shared display advertising space for our companies.

Display space at our venues

We display your posters on our display boards inside and outside our venues. We will also display selected leaflets, reviews and photographs at our box offices, bars and foyers.

Design and content guidance and approval process

We will work with you to help get your print, publicity material and campaign as good as it can be, to help you compete for audiences and reviews in the Edinburgh environment. In order to facilitate this, we require all show print, websites and other publicity material and copy to follow our house style and to be put through a design and content approval process.

Office/reprographics facilities

Our facilities available for the use of your marketing and production staff include free wireless broadband access, basic computers available with web browsing, bookable time on word processing, spreadsheet and desktop publishing packages, and greyscale and colour laser printing, copying and scanning facilities. Computer use is free of charge, subject to availability, while copying and printing, faxing, stationery and items supplied are charged in accordance with our standard tariff.

Fringe Office facilities and support

Your Fringe participation fee entitles you to a Fringe Programme/website entry (organised by us for all shows at C venues), advice and support from the Fringe Office, and access to Fringe facilities and services such as the the Fringe media and arts industry offices, Fringe box office, Fringe ticketing app, Fringe participant services, and the Fringe Central programme of professional and networking events.

Additional services

We can put you in touch with companies able to provide press and PR, print and web design, printing and distribution services at competitive rates.